Property Markets Group

For 30 years, Property Markets Group (PMG), a national real estate developer in the United States, has been elevating communities by making contributions to the skylines and streetscapes of the country.

Having 157 developed projects in its professional portfolio, PMG proves once again that it knows how to create new gorgeous homes that include the most sought-after amenities.

In the heart of Miami, Property Markets Group (PMG) is currently launching an up-and-coming residential tower with an almost endless list of conveniences - SOCIETY RESIDENCES MIAMI- built in collaboration with a real estate private equity firm Greybrook Partners.

Initially, SOCIETY was planned only for renting out premises. However, the developer recently decided to transition the apartment tower into residential units by putting some of them up for sale and receiving more demand.

According to the latest presentations of the developers, we can say for sure that SOCIETY will create an atmosphere in which residents receive many amenities for life, work and entertainment.

The Elser Hotel and Residences Miami

Greybrook Partners

Greybrook Partners is a Toronto-based private equity firm that invests in world-class real estate development projects that contribute to the growth of thriving cities, bringing exceptional returns to investors.

Together with its developer partner - PMG, Greybrook continues to expand the implementation of the Society Living concept, which was created to meet the demand for reasonable rents in urban centers where modern neighbors can communicate and thrive together.

Developers encourage residents to “Choose Happiness” in SOCIETY RESIDENCES MIAMI, the space that promotes personal growth within a culture of inclusivity and unity.

The Elser Hotel and Residences Miami

Sieger Suarez Architects

Sieger Suárez Architectural Partnership is a Miami firm, concentrating its activities in various directons of luxury high-rise residential design and development.

Sieger Suarez has distinguished as the constructor of creating masterworks among the most up-and-coming glass towers in South Florida.

One of the quite successful design concepts in the market of multi-storey housing created by Suarez is the design of apartments "through floor".

The pleasure of a luxurious living space and the joy of comfort - that's what Suarez is ready to provide for the customers every day.

The Elser Hotel and Residences Miami

Cotofana Designs

Cotofana Designs, LLC is a Miami design company, which has successfully been running for thirteen years.

Cotofana Designs skillfully implements the principle of ergonomics in the organization of space in the new project SOCIETY RESIDENCES MIAMI.

The Elser Hotel and Residences Miami